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Better Course, Better Learning

Our online, Adult Driver Education course allows the student to learn in the comfort of their own home, at their pace, and on their own schedule. A student could complete the course in one day or study a little at a time & then log-off. The software remembers where you stopped so you always return to that place when you decide to study more.

The Virtual Drive material has been designed to teach students in the most proven and effective method for retention. Retaining this information is one key ingredient when learning how to drive.

It’s critical that students don’t just memorize this information to pass the test. Administered properly and entirely, this course guarantees a better learning experience and higher retention than any other instruction method.

In-Car Training

Unlike other online Adult Driver Education courses, we provide, at no extra charge, an in-car training video to help the student pass the required driving test with a DPS officer. This video, produced by a retired DPS officer, shows the student each driving skill that will be tested and what a DPS officer will be checking.

Personal Validation Made Easy

Texas law requires that all online adult students validate their identity through a third party. Other courses make this process very difficult. Virtual Drive of Texas provides personal validation completely online! No notary visit required, and no delays!

Need More Help?

Please call us 1-800-227-7509. Our professional staff is ready to assist.

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